Ellwood: He Loved to Gallop

1983 – 2012

ellwood jump

What an event horse!!! He was perfect for Chuck. He never had a XC stop in his whole career and he would fly over the XC fences but set himself up for a vertical or an oxer and fly off for the next fence. He loved to run and loved to go out in the woods at speed. Perfect for Chuck in every way. He would always try to keep you in the saddle if you lost your balance—he stayed under you.

Our dear friend Erika (quite experienced at 93) thought he was the finest horse she had sat on and she too loved to ride the Middle Fork on Ellwood. Erika’s last trial ride on him had 8 canter sets—they were poetry in motion and they loved each other. He came up to Erika from his pasture just two weeks before Ellwood died—she had brought him more carrots.

We found him in a pasture 17 years ago on a tip from DD Rae. Guess when Ellwood was stabled 24/7 he became quite a bucker. We had no problems with him ever bucking (well maybe in the spring) as he loved to roam the huge pasture and was best friends with Maverick and Beamer.

When Maverick died in the fall of 2010 Ellwood was very depressed and we wonder if that made him succumb to EPM. He was always by himself and looked so sad. Ellwood was 29 when he died on Jan 4th of 2012. We were so fortunate to have found this fun filled horse. We miss him so much. He always used to bring up the herd at a gallop with him in the lead. RIP Ellwood. We love you.


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