TSF is a stall and pasture boarding farm, with supplemental care if needed.  Board varies according to winter or summer, as the horses are out on the full 30 acre pasture in summer and in smaller paddocks in the winter.  Stalls are available but horses are not left in a stall 24/7; turnout of some kind is required, unless an injury or layup prevents it.  We can do stall and day turn out, if requested.  We do not separate mares and geldings.   Your horse needs to be able to get along with most others.  TSF does not board stallions.

Stall rate$360 includes 2 X daily feeding with supplement if needed, turn out with the herd and stall cleaning (if must have separate turn-out from herd, add $30 per month).  We do our own stall cleaning and feeding.

Extra charges:

$ 20 per month fan (you supply fan) electricity contribution when in use

$ 20 your heated water bucket in cold months (pro rated for useage)

Summer Pasture rate, May through November:  $200 includes oats feeding one or 2 times daily, depending on the quality of the pasture. Horses have free run of the 30 acre grassy pasture areas.  During black horsefly season it is recommended that you have at least one fly sheet and mask (having an extra is a very good idea, blankets get torn and masks get lost).  Pasture horses have access to shelter in the indoor arena and a run-in shed, but need protection from the flies.

Winter Paddock rate, November through May: $260 which includes hay and 2 oats feedings. It is recommended that your horse have a TURN OUT blanket.  Winter can be brutal and the few times it is needed your horse really needs it.  The horses have free access to shelter in the indoor arena most times of the day, but are still in the elements so suitable (tough) turnout blankets are needed.

Extra charges:

$ 10 shared heated Nelson water heater in winter when in use

$ 20 frequent blanket changes

$  2 per occasional change of blanket

$ 10 grooming your horse if needed.

Boarders have access to both an indoor and outdoor arena, as well as the miles of trails bordering the property in Kickapoo State Park.

Horse boarding, English riding lessons